Building BuzzLoader

First, dependencies:

The win32loader depends on libstdc++, libpthread
the test app "project" depends on ALSA and it's libasound. You'll need all these libraries first if you want to build everything.

The BuzzLoader project references some files in the win32loader project, so initially to build you will have to place both projects in the same parent directory, e.g. "dev/win32loader" and "dev/BuzzLoader".


./configure ; make ; sudo make install

should suffice.

The default configuration of win32loader installs to /usr/local/lib, so depending on your linux distribution, you may have to "export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/lib" to use any programs that link with win32loader, such as the buzzloader demo application.


You'll need to get MachineInterface.h and mdk.h, both of which are found with the standard Buzz distribution. Since these files are not GPL'd, they must be distributed seperately. Check for download packs. Both of these files should go in the "src" directory of BuzzLoader. Next, you'll need to edit mdk.h, specifically comment out the line that says:

class CMDKMachineInterface : public CMachineInterface {
CMDKImplementation *pImp;


/* CMDKImplementation must be public for the hack to work */
/* private: */
CMDKImplementation *pImp;

then all you need to do is:

./configure ; make

Then cd to src/ and you should have an executable file "./project".

To run "project" you give it the name of a Buzz DLL and then the name
of a 44100 16bit stereo .wav file. The "project" app will play the .wav file, first processing
it through the buzz effect.

The Buzz Machine "Dex Distortion.dll" is known to work, and the example app is hardcoded to set some parameters to that machine. You'll have to edit if you want to try a different machine without setting random parameters! Distortion was chosen because it's easiest to hear. Most of CyanPhase's machines also work.

The BuzzLoader library currently works on a hack: it requires that the machine be developed using the Buzz MDK. Some machines are, some aren't. You'll just have to test your luck. This issue is currently being addressed and I'm hoping to have the loader working on "normal" machines in a few weeks. A list of machines known to "MDKInit()" successfully without seg faulting (which doesn't neccessarily mean they work) are:

2ndProcess Numbird 1.4.dll
AutoFade (Stereo).dll
Automaton 2-Pole.dll
Automaton Balance.dll
Automaton Compressor.dll
Automaton Compressor mkII.dll
Automaton EQ-10.dll
Automaton EQ-10v1.1.dll
Automaton EQ-7.dll
Automaton Expander.dll
Automaton Mono.dll
Automaton Parametric EQ.dll
bg compgate.dll
bg compressor.dll
bg maxilimiter.dll
bg noise gate.dll
bg sidechain dynamics.dll
Bigyo Filter.dll
Bigyo Pan.dll
Bigyo ParamEQ.dll
BTDSys RingMod.dll
ch template.dll
Chun-Yu's Smooth Overdrive.dll
Chun-Yu's TouchWah.dll
CnG Recorder.dll
CnW Turbion Geiger.dll
CnW Turbion Metal.dll
CnW Turbion Voluma.dll
CyanPhase AtomStereoMeld.dll
CyanPhase AutoDC Blocker.dll
CyanPhase KrashBox.dll
CyanPhase mC-1.dll
CyanPhase mC-Delay.dll
CyanPhase M-Derive 2.dll
CyanPhase M-Integral 2.dll
CyanPhase Mono.dll
CyanPhase Notch.dll
CyanPhase Recorder.dll
CyanPhase WaveShaper.dll
DedaCode StereoGain v2.dll
Dex Distortion.dll
Dimage's ExpDist.dll
Dimage's HyDist.dll
Harcs Vision.dll
HD 2p-SpecFilter.dll
HD ChorD.dll
HD Easy_Filter.dll
HD F-Flanger.dll
HD HALYverb.dll
HD J-Flanger ST.dll
HD Limiter Quad 4.1.2.dll
HD Limiter Quad 4.1.dll
HD Modulation.dll
HD Saturation.dll
Hoester GrooveBox.dll
Joachims Compressor.dll
Joachims Comp (Stereo).dll
Joachims DeepPan.dll
Joachims DeNoiser.dll
Joachims Jupiter 1.dll
Joachims Jupiter 2.dll
Joachims Limiter.dll
Joachims Mercury filter.dll
Joachims Multi 1.dll
Joachims Neptune.dll
Joachims Overdrive.dll
Joachims PowerPan.dll
Joachims Temperature.dll
ld auxsend.dll
LdC Automax.dll
LdC Destroyer.dll
LD Declicker.dll
ld latedist.dll
ld pipedelay.dll
ld stereosh.dll
ld transient.dll
Lysergia Gapper.dll
Oomek Exciter.dll
Oomek Masterizer.dll
Rymix FlaserBox.dll
Rymix StereoBox.dll
Rymix StereoBox Pro.dll
Sonic Verb.dll
Static Peak EQ.dll
Static Sensonic.dll
Static Sensonic (Stereo).dll
synopia 3DizerBuffer.dll
synopia 3DizerBuffer (Stereo).dll
whitenoise gate.dll
whitenoise stereodist.dll
Zephod SPREAD.dll
Zephod WUZZ.dll